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Posh Pink For a Chic Christmas

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

"Everyone Looks Dashing in Pink!"

Christmas tree decorating in pink
A modern Christmas color scheme brings the drama

For this stylish homeowner's Holiday decorating theme, we took inspiration from her favorite color PINK and by adding in the luster of holiday white, silver and gold, transformed her home into a posh pink palace.

Design Tip: Everyone looks fab in a pink room! Forget Millennial Pink, if the undertones are warm, it complements every skin tone imaginable. In fact, my last dining room was actually a warm pink, because under candlelight, the glow that bounces off the walls gives the palest tones a rosy blush and the darkest tones a warm glowing reflection.

This will be the first year this family will spend in their generously scaled home which has a lot of grand details and architectural elements. In fact, it was large enough for us to include two Christmas trees on the main level. We placed one near the entrance in the same line of sight as the large 9 ft. tree in their great room, giving you a double WOW factor upon entering.


The dining room is just off the main entrance so we created a tableau of glass apothecary jars filled with small and medium sized ornaments in a variety of pinks and silver luster finishes for an immediate connection to the rest of the home. Additionally, we added in several sets of mercury glass and beaded tree figural shapes down the center of the dining table. The homeowner always keeps her table set so with the addition of pink chargers, the look was complete.

A Christmas tree and a table top display in the dining room will raise the ambiance level to magical new heights

The main Christmas tree in the great room stands 9 feet tall and looks like a supermodel pausing at the end of a fashion runway. Dressed in sparkly lights, shimmery pink baubles and lustrous silver and white ornaments, she strikes a dramatic pose that's both stunning and unconventional. My inspiration for doing this Christmas tree was that I could imagine it displayed in an upscale department store like Neiman Marcus or a Louis Vuitton retail shop so I was after a sophisticated and glitzy design.

Have I mentioned that the homeowner is oh so trés-chic? She was the inspirational starting point for us as we began to pull the look together. Not long after we started, she brings us bundles of gorgeous Louis Vuitton chocolate brown gift boxes for the tree. This inspired me to further come up with a unique way of displaying her gifts so that they would capture the imagination and hearts of anyone passing by in hopes that one of them might be for them. I added extra wide pink and gold ribbons and tied them all with a handsome bow so they looked unified and oh-so-irresistible.

Having worked at both the headquarters for Target in Minneapolis and Hallmark here in Kansas City for over two decades, I learned how to approach visual merchandising in unique ways for displaying product. I dug into my Santa bag of creative experience and came up an easy way you can also try for displaying your gifts, too!

Using a side table next to the Christmas tree, I imagined the presents to be floating and twirling themselves around the tree. Now, in a retail show window, you'd likely use filament wire suspended to create the illusion of flying presents, but in this case, we dialed it back a bit. The table and an ottoman provided a way for us to creatively stack the gifts at angles and levels to give us a similar effect of lift. I think it creates its own conversation piece and reinforces the magic of the holidays. Be sure and tie the look together using similar wrapping & ribboning so it looks coordinated and purposeful. For a little something extra, tuck some presents into the tree as well until it reaches the tippy-top!


We've all had a tough year, am I right? I've certainly felt the strain as well. Christmas is that time of year when we tend to share a more caring and kinder side to ourselves. With the events of the past year, I'm hopeful that we'll extend that feeling well into 2021as we look forward with hope and resilience. I hope you find creative ways of making special memories at home this holiday that make you happy, joyous and grateful for what you have and love most.

For this particular homeowner, she wanted to create her Happy Place and I was thrilled to help her create just that – even if it's only for a month or so. I'm a creative being – this is my talent and gift and I'm humbled to share it with the world. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season and that you stay safe and find your own Happy Place.


Will Brown is a tastemaker and interior designer in the midwest and resides in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Owner of Will Brown Interiors LLC, Will helps the well-traveled create gracious homes using positive energy flow to help increase prosperity as they re-imagine their life's next chapter. Please be sure to sign up for future posts and follow us on Facebook at Will Brown Interiors and IG @willbrowninteriors to stay abreast of new projects!

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