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Photo by Suba Nadarajah

My quest is to rescue those in design and decorating distress by guiding them along their design journey to help them discover their way home.  

Hello There! Thanks for making it here to learn a bit more about me and my viewpoint on Interior Design. I'm William Brown but I prefer the more casual and approachable 'Will' - which is intentional in the title of my business. 


I think decorating implies a surface adornment or embellished solution that doesn't necessarily reflect a deeper connection to a client's needs beyond just the superficial appearance.


I don't bedeck with tons of tassels and bolts of fabrics – although I absolutely appreciate them as design elements – I don't start with the superficial. I will curate a unique vision for you through listening to key triggers of how you wish to inhabit your space(s) and then bring in aesthetic style direction by both researching and intuiting to make a room feel collected and connected to you and your family. 


I believe a well-appointed space should become a familiar backdrop allowing your life's best moments to take center stage. I look at how seemingly disparate design elements interact and combine to convey your life's stories. A space should feel collected with items that resonate with your personal experiences, beauty, and craftsmanship that transcend time periods and origins.  They can come from anywhere and when imbued with a story they take on deeper meaning and find their home in our hearts and our consciousness.

I was brought up in a military family attending school on army bases in Asia and Europe before settling in the United States. I'm also the child of two distinct cultures and ethnicities -- South Korean and African-American. These distinctions have shaped my outlook and experiences in life and have had a major influence on my design aesthetic. I have a unique ability to apply confident restraint, timeless elegance as well as bold stroke of color and pattern. I bring an always thoughtful blending of styles rather than a purist point of view. I believe this is what gives a distinct look and feel to my work. I enjoy creating spaces that are harmonious and soulful because I feel the most memorable spaces move you and touch a part of you that resonates on an emotional level. If you'd like your space to better embody your personal story, I invite you to click and let's get in touch so we can reveal the home that can uniquely reflect and move you.


With over 20+ years of varied design experience as a creative leader for two fortune 500 companies, I've worked on honing my design talents to reflect the needs of business partners and business clients while also executing against creative strategies and initiatives without forfeiting a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility. I've had the fortune of working in several creative capacities including creative product development leader for home, gifts and decorative accessories, photo stylist and photo art director for national photoshoots and campaigns, branding and marketing design. All this while developing a burgeoning passion for interior design over the past decade. Many of the creative skills I leveraged in my corporate world translated into my interior project work as they've grown in scope and complexity.