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Will Brown is an award winning interior designer & interior stylist and certified Feng Shui consultant in the Midwest region and resides in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Owner of Will Brown Interiors LLC, Will blends livable luxury design with practical function for space and design planning that allows you to feel calmer, in command and in harmony with your surroundings.

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I look to create balance & harmony in your universe – even if that universe is just inside your home. Part of my 'special sauce' is that I'm a practitioner of the Mindful Design School of Feng Shui out of New York City and a Certified BTB Feng Shui Consultant. My hope is to blend design with practical function for space and design planning that allows you to feel calmer, in command and in harmony with your surroundings. Feng Shui is occurring all around us regardless of our knowledge so this is a proven way to tap into and influence the flow of good "chi" energy and invite it to stay within your home.  The intersection of great design and positive energy is where you receive the benefits of greater prosperity and more mindful living. 

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I hope to earn your trust but realize you'll want to learn more about me. Below is an overview of me but I invite you to ask any question(s) you may be pondering when you click to send an inquiry. Prior to meeting, I'll request you that you fill out a simple questionnaire about you and your project and return it before our initial consultation. At our session, I'll bring the questionnaire so when we make our introductions, I'll have a sense about you as well as your project and would have answered any questions you sent me in advance. It'll help to break ice for us. I like to allot at least 90 minutes for a consultation so we can take our time talking about you, your needs, any favorite colors, any dislikes – whatever – all the things that'll bring us closer to feeling comfortable about our compatibility. 


After chatting, you'll walk me through your project and highlight all your pain points and share your hopes and dreams for a renovation or refresh. I'll ask some helpful clarifying questions as we continue to visit. By the culmination of our time together, I'll have a sense of how I can help you achieve your dreams. I may request to take some photos and measurements for notes. We'll be transparent if we think we're a good fit for the project and if we agree we are, which I'm hopeful we will be, then we can align our schedules and coordinate next steps.



I'll next curate a unique vision for your project based on your input and information I've gathered from the questionnaire, the time we've spent together and from keenly listening for an understanding of how you wish to not only live but also FEEL in your space. For your project vision, I'll create an aesthetic style direction and mood board by researching and intuiting ways to make the space feel balanced and connected to you and your family. In this stage, I will show a floor plan layout and inspiration – materials, textiles, finishes and relevant recommendations that will bring the project together. I will go even further to identify some principles of Feng Shui, which in modern terms, is essentially the art of creating the most ideal set-up of the intended use of each room or area to optimize positivity and invite in opportunities for living your most fulfilling life. Once we're onboard after the presentation, then we can begin the work. We'll get into details at this point on execution, but for now, this'll give you a sense of my initial process. 


"I believe a well-appointed space should become a familiar backdrop allowing your life's best moments to take center stage. I'm excited that you're here and I'm excited to collaborate with you -- someone who enjoys travel adventures, curious about life, living mindfully and open to trying new and novel experiences. Let's get ready to step into a refreshing new beginning."


With over twenty years of varied design experience as a creative leader for two Fortune 500 companies, I've honed my design talents and leadership skills in the corporate setting to reflect the needs of business partners while executing against creative strategies without forfeiting a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility.


My path to interior design wasn't a straight one but it's been evolving for over a decade. Many of the principles of design cross disciplines so my solid graphic design and product development career roles adds dimension to my toolbox. This is fortunate for you because you can be assured that I come with critical and strategic thinking that can easily be applied to your project. Design skills alone aren't enough to ensure you have a great experience so professional diplomacy, collaboration, intuition, communication and mutual respect live seamlessly in my work style and interpersonal connections.

I was brought up in a military family attending military schools on army bases in Asia and Europe before settling in the United States. I'm also the child of two distinct cultures and ethnicities -- South Korean and African-American. These distinctions have shaped my outlook and experiences in life and have had a major influence on my design aesthetic because I learned to appreciate the uniqueness of diverse cultures and regions where I've lived.


I have a natural ability to apply confident restraint, timeless elegance as well as bold stroke of color and pattern. I bring an always thoughtful blending of styles rather than a purist point of view. I believe this is what gives a distinct look and feel to my work. I enjoy creating spaces that are harmonious and soulful because I feel the most memorable spaces move you and touch a part of you that resonates on an emotional level. If you'd like your space to better embody your personal story, I invite you to click and let's get in touch so we can reveal the home that can uniquely reflect and move you.




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