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Will Brown Interiors offers a unique blend of interior and lifestyle experiences to help you identify your personal style and envision your most beautiful life possible. 


Services are available in-home through one-on-one consultation and support, or through your inbox complete with an easy-to-follow style guide if you'd prefer to implement projects yourself. I deliver the benefits of how a well-curated space enhances and supports emotional well-being and how you function in your space, which surpasses the standard application of spatial planning often performed by other interior decorators.

  • Walk and Talk Consultations

  • Home and Space Assessment 

  • Design Style Consultation to Determine Aesthetic Preferences

  • Floor Plan Layout and Elevation for optimal function

  • Light Renovation that may require some general contract work

  • Color Palette selection for harmony and balance

  • Furniture and Accessory recommendations

  • On-site visits and Installation

  • Style Guide preparation for those desiring to implement project themselves

  • Photographing finished project for marketing and publication


With your defined aesthetic and room function in mind, I can create a program of furnishings to anchor and select upholstery & fabrics to embellish your room and ensure the end result is bespoke and beautiful. Color and pattern interplay here along with a foundation of materials that will bring to life the mood boards originally created as our inspiration and north star.


Details make all the difference and go a long way toward telling your personal story. From the texture of a cowboy hat in a Colorado home to a Pacific nautical lifestyle, accessories and styling are the icing on a project. I always encourage clients never to skimp here because these elements are what people will connect to you.


Style guides offer a road map for implementing a project. After a design consultation and questionnaire, I can provide a tool that encompasses the scope of the project. I include mood boards which capture the feeling, the emotion and reflects the aesthetic direction for the project. Additionally, it can include a floor plan,  color palette, materials palette and additional elements as required. 

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Master Bath Finishes.jpg

2d & 3D FLOOR PLAN envisioning

Getting a bird's eye view of the space plan is an important part of the project and offers a clear view of how the spaces will relate to one another as well as the flow. Additionally, we can provide a 3D view of most spaces which even further provides a means for moving through the space at eye level.