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We specialize in Remodels & Renovations, Room-by-Room Refreshes and Interior Styling Finishing. We integrate the practice of BTB Feng Shui naturally and intuitively into your projects.


Simply put, Feng shui is the ancient practice of optimizing layout and flow within a space to promote the positive flow of "Qi" or energy. Have you experienced the feeling that a space just isn't right and have even tried to fix it, but to no avail? This is exactly when Feng shui can help you get "unstuck".


The direct benefit from good Feng shui will enhance mood, decrease stress and generally improve your quality of life. This can be done through physical placement and/or specific adjustments to objects within the space to help direct this energetic flow.


Feng shui is occurring all around us whether we're aware or not. If you agree that all matter is made up of atoms and atoms have an energetic vibration, then you're already half way to understanding Feng shui.


As a certified BTB Feng Shui practitioner from the Mindful Design School of Feng Shui out of NYC, I apply knowledge and intuition toward integrating practical Feng shui adjustments to enhance spaces in addition to designing them for aesthetics.

Remodels and Renovations

 For remodels and renovation work, we partner up with top contractors, dedicated architects and talented craftsmen in the local Kansas City area to form a tight and collaborative team to service your projects. From providing necessary architectural construction drawings, 3-D rendering support, material selections and project management, we strive to create a unique vision that we execute with the utmost attention to detail and design expertise.

Signature  Service

Room-by-room refresHES

 Our Room-By-Room Refresh package is a high-end decorating service created to reawaken spaces in need of a design lift. With a design concept in mind and thoughtful space planning, we can create an optimal floor plan layout for your space. We spec furnishings, edit elements, freshen up upholstered pieces, update window coverings, curate artwork and other design details to completely transform a space. Room refreshes are sometimes all that's needed if the existing footprint is working well. Integrate this decorating service into a Home Remodel or New Build to ensure your home is HGTV reveal ready!


interior styling service

Your project is not complete until you've gotten the final "zhush" to brings all the storytelling elements such as accessories, florals, artwork and related design details together in a way that adds your personality. This is always a favorite part of a project as there is always a big pay-off for all the hard work. Why stop at 90 when only 100 will ever do? This is an a la carte service that can either be part of a Refresh, Remodel or a stand-alone service.

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