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Virtual Design Consultation Options


Up to a two hour prepped live Zoom session – $486*

Up to 90 minute LIVE session via Zoom where we'll discuss your room design challenges and I'll provide practical solutions to transform your space to a tranquil sanctuary. I'll also offer simple Feng Shui principles that you'll be able to apply to any space in your home to help increase the positive energy flow through your space.

You will show the space in need of design refresh using your laptop, tablet or smartphone to walk around the space so I can view the space in real time.  When you register, you'll be asked to fill out a intake questionnaire where you'll be able to upload images, pics or floor plan along with measurements of your space to help me prep ahead for our 90 minute live session. 


A more comprehensive project approach via email and Zoom – starting at $1,350/room*

There are 5 simple steps for an E-Design project, which is more in depth in terms of time commitment and deliverables. After you fill out the form below and we schedule our first consultation, we'll review photos of your space, measurements and photo inspiration you've sent. We'll consult over Zoom and discuss project details. I'll then create a design plan for you and schedule a follow-up presentation via Zoom.I will make my recommendations on design elements and furnishing items and send over a carefully curated shopping list for you to purchase at your own pace so you can enjoy your refreshed space.

* Listed Virtual Consultation price is based on a typical 90 minute session for one (1) identified space.

*Listed price is based on an E-Design project and renovation projects are not offered as part of E-Design.

Please note that additional fees may apply if scope of your project falls outside set package parameters or if sessions

exceed our 90 minute time limit. In such cases, we'll go $150/hr hourly after the 90 minutes are up.

Please refer to emailed project outline for more details outlining your specific services.

Virtual Room Refresh Option

E-DESIGN PROJECT starting at $750

A Comprehensive Project Approach via Zoom Session and Email Inbox

An E-Design project is an in-depth virtually executed project. After filling out the form below, we'll schedule our first consultation. We'll review photos of your space, measurements and inspiration you've sent prior to our one-on-one consultation up to 120 minutes. I'll then create an executable Design Style Guide plan for you with an optimal floor plan, color palette, furnishings & accessories recommendations along with style descriptors to help you. We'll schedule a follow-up design presentation via Zoom where I can present your customized design plan and follow-up with sending a carefully curated shopping list via your email inbox that you can purchase at your own pace.

* Virtual Consultation price is based on a typical 120 minute session for one (1) agreed upon identified space.

E-Design starting price is based on an identified area of your home and minimum of 5 hours of focused design time

which is a non-refundable design fee established to cover cost for initiating a new project.

Please Note: Renovation Projects are not offered as part of E-Design.

*Some additional fees may apply if the scope of your room refresh project falls outside set package parameters established upfront. 

In such cases, we'll simply move to an hourly rate of $150/hr. Please refer to emailed project outline for more details

outlining your specific services.

To register for a Virtual Consultation, please take a moment to fill out the information below.