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A Masculine Living Room Makeover

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Stepping into this recent living room refresh, guests may be inclined to request a shaken or stirred cocktail while taking in the gentlemanly, seductive vibe.


"I need your designer's eye on my place!", declared Greg Oborny, an energetic elementary principal at the Olathe School District in Kansas with a sharp wit and self-deprecating humor. "What can you do to make this place feel like an in-the-know stylish educator lives here?" Plenty! And with that I set out to pull together a design plan that would curate the furnishings and art for his living room while elevating the design and function as a space for hosting and entertaining guests.

If you look at this space, at first glance you're likely to see a swanky pad with a mid-century vibe that's decorated with a masculine feel. Of course, you'd be correct, however; I also approached it with a deeper intent of applying practical Feng Shui adjustments to provide the homeowner with an optimal layout plan which would better align with his strong Metal energy so he commands the room – like any principal should.

When decorating with Feng Shui in mind, I consider the balance of the five key elements: Wood, Earth, Water, Metal and Fire. Feng Shui translates to Wind and Water and the goal is about creating balance and positive flow of the energy or "Qi" throughout a space to help support a positive and flourishing environment. Naturally, creating this energetic flow will also improve the lives of those inhabiting the space as they benefit from these Feng Shui adjustments.