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3-2-1 Launch!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

VOLUME 2 of The Scout Guide | Kansas City has finally arrived! To celebrate, Kim Weinberger of Weinberger Fine Art Gallery hosted the launch party in the Crossroads Arts District, which was a fitting location given the eclectic and creative mix of entrepreneurs and small business owners who all gathered to celebrate and toast to an auspicious year ahead. I was greeted by editor Cathryn Farley who, along with Ashley Mahoney of Hello Big Idea, have worked tirelessly to bring the second volume to life. I recently caught up with Cathryn to chat about design project work at a swanky speak-easy called "W", a place that requires a password for entering so it's all kinda mysterious—especially since the door is half hidden and it sits above a dress shop on one of the old shopping streets in Lee's Summit.

I was both excited and humbled to be asked to join the roster of businesses for Volume 2 as I'm continuing to gain footing with my side hustle passion of interior design and decorating. The past year has been a great year of expanding my network and I look to further increase my experiences and exposure in the year ahead.

There seems to be an explosion of movement on the new venture front in Kansas City, which makes it an exciting time to be part of the mix of movers-and-shakers bringing their A-game passion, ideas and innovation to this thriving and growing small business community.

The evening had an air of excitement and nip of autumn chill that warmed into laughter as business cards were exchanged and connections made. I had several engaging conversations myself that had me spellbound with seeing the possibilities. The real gift for this venture is that you have an entirely new host of potential friends and partners all assembled to make a difference in our own unique way with whatever means or talents we possess.

My new motto is definitely #LIVELOVELOCAL because in the scheme of things, this is still a word-of-mouth community and word spreads fast, as does social media, when buzz about a new business or service arises. I vow to making the local rounds to patronize businesses and make a personal introduction. What will your motto be for the year ahead that helps your local community and how might you ensure that others know of your good intentions? Share your comments below and let's get out there and support each other! Happy Holidays.

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