Inspired by the theme of serenity, this suburban home embodies a restful and blissful feeling where the client could re-energize while also preparing his motivational speeches and conference key notes. Clutter became distraction so we kept surfaces clean and bright by using white or glass materials that reflected light. Painting the open front rooms in variations of softer tones, we landed on a peaceful blue hue and a warm gray that calmly envelops the space.

The showstopper at this home is the hole we cut through the living room floor in order to place a staircase down to the bottom level. In old-style ranches from the 40's,

it wasn't uncommon to go through the garage to find a door that led to the lower level. What an inconvenience that becomes, especially during the colder or hotter months when the garage is not temperature regulated. Our solve for this dilemma in keeping with the serenity theme was to use tempered glass and stainless steel railings instead of the typical wood spindle and rail, which immediately stops traffic whenever guests come over and keeps the space especially modern and visually unobstructed. 


Suburban Ranch


Kansas City



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