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Tucked into the foothills of San Isabel National Forest in Buena Vista, Colorado stands a mountain home retreat that provides an escape route for a Kansas City family.  Starting with a vision inspired by the Scandinavian concept of Hygge and adopting a rustic modern aesthetic, I imbued the interior design of this home with modern amenities while embracing warmth and texture of a Colorado lifestyle. All the finishes were selected based on their harmony of hues that ultimately gave way to supporting the spectacular views.

This particular family was thinking ahead toward where they wanted to retire and had been embarking on a new home build with their architect and builder for a while when they brought me in to help enliven their interiors. After helping this family with their primary residence, I was elated and humbled to have this opportunity.


Determined not to create a themed mountain cabin replete with stag horns on every wall, I sought a balance between the rustic outdoorsy lifestyle with their modern aesthetic. This was achieved by avoiding mountain kitsch altogether in lieu of tactile and visual texture. Introducing Pendleton horse blankets with Native American motifs and hide textures for rugs provide the visual pattern interest while local quarried stone anchors the living room fireplace wall. The showstopper, hands down, is the quintessential apex window seen from the moment the front door swings open to reveal the mountains and forest landscapes beyond. This is the ultimate second home retreat for relaxation and communing with nature. 


Mountain Home



DESIGN TIP: Wool horse blankets—in this case with a southwest motif—hung off hooks for easy access or open displayed on a large wall are are both simple ways of bringing a rustic mountain theme to life while adding depth and interest to a room.

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