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One of the oldest neighborhoods  located

in Minneapolis along the river front is an area called St. Anthony Main. During

the turn of the century along the riverfront were many thriving mills powered by the flow of the great Mississippi  River. Today the area is still flourishing with life as the mills have given way to modern develop-ments of retail, restaurants, entertainment and modern living spaces – all within well-established parks and greenways. ​

Cobalt Condominium

Many new modern luxury condo developments today come with a list of amenities that make living is these spaces so appealing. Inhabiting in one of these types of spaces, however, presents another set of challenges as storage can be limited and open concept means establishing zones for living. I created several areas for seating, eating and entertaining that flow seamlessly with the use of a tight color palette and limited material options. What made this unit especially appealing was the double wall of windows that allowed in tons of light that always filled the space, even on overcast days. During winters, watching snow swirl and fall is a magical event in itself. 


Modern Condo

Modern Condo



The owner relished entertaining so it was key to have a sideboard – not just a bar cart – set up with a fully stocked bar with an array of liquor that was not just top shelf but also looked appealing left on display.

Design Tip: Pouring liquor into carafes and decanters is a great solution for disguising liquor that comes in less-than-stellar bottle labels and packaging. Try adding in an element of glow and sparkle on the bar – in this case, a candle – and it'll sets the right mood for your evening soirées by reflecting beautifully off the surrounding glass.

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