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I had the distinct pleasure of working with David Dowell, one of the original principal architects with El Dorado, Inc. on several shooting projects and this loft was an exceptional build.


El Dorado, Inc. designed and fabricated cabinetry and case shelving systems that were intentionally created to work in modern loft dwellings. Their refined industrial/modern aesthetic set the tone for this particular project and informed many of my design cues that reflected their philosophy of urban living.


Elegant and simple, modern and unfussy, this loft became a case study for experimenting with how form and function coincide to integrate architecture with lifestyle. We landed on bringing in key iconic mid-century pieces that were livable yet sculptural on their own. Raw and exposed beams and industrial metal ducts melded beautifully with El Dorado, Inc. craftsmanship and attention to detail. 


Penthouse Loft


Kansas City

Modern Loft Living_edited

El Dorado, Inc. shows that industrial loft living can integrate 

modern architecture with warmth for family-style living.

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