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Photos by Cathryn Farley




We enter an age of enlightenment with this primary bedroom and bath refresh, going from a dark brown and drab olive green suite to an airy and light-filled boudoir.


By designing a custom-curved sofa in the primary bedroom that followed the curve of the bay window recess, I helped create a restful and inviting lounging area for the couple. I gave order along the window wall with matching dressers and gold-gilded mirrors. The four-poster bed took up valuable visual space in the room so the new tailored king-sized bed would open up the space above immediately to reveal the beautiful double-height ceiling.


In the bathroom, I removed the fiberglass tub but kept the architectural surround which worked well as the niche area for the new tub and tile backdrop. The biggest impact came from re-designing the bathroom cabinets and increasing the storage drawers. On the opposite side of the bathroom, rather than designing custom built-in shelving and a vanity area, I opted to use furniture pieces to create a more welcoming and less stark effect while also integrating the bathroom with the adjoining master bedroom. 


Primary Bedroom

& Bath Refresh


Prairie Village, KS


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